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It was at a conference on 'Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere', where a paper was given on morality. The author said that a point comes when science reaches the end of its domain and morality takes over. He told a story about the director of a group relations conference who had used private information in an illegitimate way in the course of the conference. The upshot was that he was deposed by the staff, a shocking and disturbing event, and then by the sponsoring organisation, who terminated his contract for future events. The author of the paper is a cleric who also works as a group relations consultant. He described the action of the director as evil (Carr, in press). Well, you can imagine how uncomfortable the audience at the Public Sphere conference felt...

from CHARACTER AND MORALITY by Robert M. Young Carr, Wesley (in press) 'Some Reflections on Sin and Evil from a Psychoanalytic Perspective', Free Assns


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