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From: The Sunday Times May 6, 2001,

Turbulent dean in more bloodletting at the abbey

by Jasper Gerard

More potential scandal at the Queen's parish church, Westminster Abbey. A senior sort there has been suspended, accused of sexual harassment. The cleric who wielded the dagger? Yep, Wesley "Sacker" Carr, the turbulent dean. George Burroughs is clerk of the works at the abbey and becomes the third official to be suspended by Carr.

First the dean suspended and later sacked Martin Neary, the organist. Then he turned his theological gaze on Roger Overend, head master of the abbey choir school. As with Neary, staff have been ordered not to speak to Burroughs, such is the spirit of Christian brotherhood. The abbey refuses to comment but it is believed the complaint comes from a young woman who works on the abbey roof. However, friends insist Burroughs is in the clear.

Earlier this year he was made a member of the abbey's collegiate body -so if he is dismissed he can appeal to the Queen. A happier theologian is Jonathan Aitken. He discloses in News Review that after the auction of his possessions, a kindly sort bought his christening mug and sent it to him.

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