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From The Sunday Times (London) July 1, 2001,

More conniving in the cloisters at Westminster Abbey

by Jasper Gerard

More conniving in the cloisters at Westminster Abbey: a furious letter floats my way from Dr Wesley "Sacker" Carr's henchman to a congregant. Christopher John Vyse, who has been mighty busy as "legal secretary to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster" (did Jesus need such a sidekick?) accuses the worshipper, Alan Taylor, of all seven deadly sins.

Taylor had written a scorching letter accusing Vyse of being "seduced by the power" Carr has given him and questioning why Vyse dresses in a "cassock, gown and preaching bands". Vyse's response is electric, accusing Taylor of "coveting my influence on the abbey and lusting after its destruction". Each "sin" is in bold. Vyse, who, according to his letterhead is also of City solicitors Charles Russell, rounds off his sermon by telling the chap to leave the church for Rome. Perhaps these turbulent abbey souls should be reminded that anger is also a sin.

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